Building Your Business Brand With Youtube

By Marc Marseille | Search Engine Optimization

Dec 08
building brand authority Youtube

Do you want to use YouTube to create brand Authority? YouTube is ranked as one of the best search engines. Many people wonder how uploading free content on YouTube can be helpful in marketing your brand. The  truth is videos help to build trust as well as brand awareness. Uploading videos on YouTube helps to promote your products and attract potential clients.

Below is a step by step guide on how to use YouTube to build brand authority.

Create YouTube Channel

Statistics show that YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors monthly. People spend about six billion hours watching YouTube videos. Multi-national organizations such as, IKEA, Samsung, Apple and General Electric use YouTube to create brand awareness, increase subscribers and sales.

Branded YouTube Channels are essential for organizing videos. They also help consumers to find your products. Additionally, you can use YouTube’s  platform to showcase your Organization with specific colors, information and links to your official business website or related social media pages. Integrating a YouTube channel on your business website is effective in increasing traffic and generating good sales lead.

Provide Quality Content

Providing high quality content is effective in spreading the word about your brand. Informative, educational and high quality videos receive many viewers, subscribers, and eventually clients.

You can upload videos of positive clients’ testimonials regarding your products and services. You can also introduce your employees to your clients using brief video clips. Adding a virtual tour of your Organization and location will portray your Organization’s culture. Designing Company presentations can help to portray authority as well as public speaking skills. Establishing brand authority by creating videos that explain industry facts and tips that can be beneficial to your clients.

Create Video Tutorials

Tutorial videos are extremely popular among YouTube Viewers. They also encourage visitors and subscribers to interact. Creating quality tutorials on topics that interest your target market and prospective viewers will establish your business as the go to source. For best results, create “How to” tutorials that offer instructions on common topics in your industry. Exploit this great chance to create your business brand authority in your industry.

Interview An Expert

When you bring in professionals to explain essential topics to your target customers, it further establishes your business as a place for quality information. Address all doubts, questions, or issues your potential consumers might have concerning your products and services through videos. The professionals should address them all, explaining each problem one by one. Remember to use a speaker with a friendly and appealing personality so that clients feel comfortable. Provide guidelines of each product and service your organization offers. This will help clients to navigate any purchases they request from your organization.

Promotional Campaigns

You can make small clips of your upcoming products, events or services to market on Youtube. Create short videos and include an appealing message, an image model, or a strong lesson. These promotional clips will help to ingrain the brand’s name to the viewers mind.

Respond To YouTube Channel Comments

After creating a YouTube channel and uploading informative videos, ensure that you respond to all legitimate comments left on the channel. Responding helps to provide value to your target market and clarify your subject matter.


Lastly, ensure that you consistently upload new informative videos on your channel. Be persistent and understand that you will not achieve results within one day.





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