How to Create A YouTube Account for Business

By Marc Marseille | Search Engine Optimization

Dec 15
creating Youtube business account

All businesses, no matter what industry they represent, should have accounts in the top social media sites. Not only for the purpose of spreading the news about their business, but mainly for the traffic that can be generated when utilized correctly.

This is because these accounts play a key role in putting your business in the limelight, more so during marketing and/or advertising campaigns. Since YouTube is among the most predominant social media outlets, creating a YouTube business account could certainly come in handy.

By creating an account with Youtube, the business can have a platform through which its staff can create and share important videos targeting their current or prospective customers and clients. Below is the step by step guide for creating an account on Youtube.

Since YouTube is inter-linked with Google, the first thing that will be expected of you is a Google account. With such an account, you can have access to all brands associated with Google. These include Google+, Gmail and YouTube, among others. Also, based on the fact that a business account is very different from an individual account, you’ll also be expected to have created a business Google+ Page. The reason why this is so important is that with such a page, you can easily create a YouTube account.

The next step would involve logging into your Google+ account and click on the second icon on the right hand corner of your Google+ page. This will look similar to a telephone dial pad. Under this thumbnail you’ll see various Google Apps, including YouTube. Click on YouTube.

Then next step is to point the mouse on the top right hand side corner of the YouTube page (where your page’s thumbnail is), and click on the dropdown menu. Next, click on the page you intend to create a YouTube account for (If you only have one page, then only one will be shown). After that, YouTube will guide you through a simple tutorial that will enable you complete creating the business’ official YouTube channel.

Once the channel has been created, you will be expected to fill in key business details under the About and Home tabs. Under the Home tab, you can upload a cover photo by clicking on the Add Channel Art button which is at the mid-section of the photo area. You can add the photo by either uploading or dragging it on to this space. In regards to your profile picture, you may choose to keep the current one (the one from your Google+ account), or you can upload another. Then, under the About tab, you will be expected to add a business description (what the business is about), links to your other social networking sites and other YouTube channels that may be affiliated to your business (if applicable).

The last phase of creating a business YouTube account would involve creating content and managing your page. This encompasses the dashboard, the video manager, community section, channel, analytics and the create video sections, all of which are found on the Creator Studio section.

Essentially, creating a YouTube account for business is an easy task. However, a lot of time has to be dedicated towards building it as you will be expected to customize it so that it complements the needs of the business in question.


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