Advantages Of Google Adwords VS Google My Business

By Marc Marseille | PPC Marketing

Nov 08
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There are a great number of ways to generate traffic to your business from the internet. After all is said and done however, you will be hard pressed to find any other method that is more lucrative than Google. Whether you are using organic methods or paid traffic, transforming your business can be achieved with the right tactics.

Some people prefer organic methods over the Adwords PPC (pay per click) due to the high risk factor of paid advertising. In actuality the risks involve are directly related to not knowing how to use the system. Although many may prefer organic rankings, there are still guidelines that has to be followed to rank organically. The main differences between the two are the immediate impact you can realize with Adwords.

Google has guidelines for ranking as well as guidelines for using paid advertising properly. The way to achieve the absolute best results is to follow these rules of engagement. Ultimately, absolute customer satisfaction is the key for getting cheaper clicks, ranking higher on sponsored ads and receiving major traffic to your site within hours of setting up an advertising campaign.

Keys To A Successful Adwords Campaign

There are main components for having a successful marketing strategy with Adwords and they all have to do with relevancy.

Ad Groups

When setting up a campaign it is important to group all relevant ads together. Businesses that have several products or services have to create ad groups that are specific to each category of their business. Each ad group should also show ads that are relevant to the product or service being offered. Creating several ads per group is also recommended for split testing.

Split testing is a must for anyone looking to maximize ROI with any type of marketing online. Simple alteration to each ad can help identify which ad is performing the best. Once a winning ad is identified, it can then be altered to generate an even higher CTR. Google rewards marketers with higher CTR (click thru rate) which means lower PPC pricing.

Landing Pages

Businesses should avoid sending all their traffic to the homepage. The homepage is often the most important page on the website, but it is usually very general. For best results, each visitor should be sent to a landing page that is related to its exact ad group. Setting up landing pages for every ad group is time consuming, but the end result is better customer experience.

Setting up separate landers results in the website visitor spending more time on the page thus lowering bounce rate. The bounce rate is another metric which Google uses to measure customer experience. This is yet another opportunity for getting rewards of lower ad cost with PPC. Exceptional landing pages also convert better which increases return on investment.

Keyword Selection

Choosing the right words to use in your campaign makes a world of difference. For this section, Adwords has a nifty tools that will help with finding the best keywords. The keyword planner tool provide the best keywords, estimate monthly traffic, and average cost per click. Do not get intimidated if the CPC is higher than expected, keep in mind that lowering that the cost per click is directly related with having relevant campaigns.

Relevant ads delivered lower cost for paid advertising period. The difference between having a successful campaign that affects your business immediately depends on it. Simply throwing campaigns up without the meticulous work it takes for getting a positive ROI ultimately results in a loss. If you personally do not have the time to follow these guidelines, then hiring a certified PPC management professional is a recommended.

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