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By Marc Marseille | Google Maps

Jan 08
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The top 3 of the Google My Business rankings is where every business owner wants to be. The reason why is simple; That’s where the majority of searchers will click. Getting there depends heavily on how well the Google My Business pages is optimized. A well optimized business website can also enhance the rankings of the listing.

When it comes to optimizing for the top 7 local rankings business owners and webmasters often neglect the  business website. The communication between the website and the Google listing has a direct relation to how well the business page will rank. In this post I will be sharing a few tips for improving the local rankings through better optimization of the website.

Accuracy between the listing and the Google page  is a paramount ranking factor. That is why it is mandatory to make sure that the address, hours of operation, street abbreviations and the way the suite number is listed is absolutely identical. All this information has correlate exactly on the business listing, website footer address, header address and contact page information. But why leave it to just those factors?

There are several other ways to communicate a uniformed structure. One subtle way to communicate the two web properties is  create pages with the same categories in Google My Business listings. This helps to keep the information about the business between the two exact.

Another little known factor is utilizing the same pictures from the map listing on the actual business website. The key here is to keep the same alt tags and category name of the images to use for the related pages on the website.

Sharing Youtube videos on the Google listing delivers an extra ranking boost because the authority of Youtube videos and their direct relation to Google. When you place the same videos on the website as well, it provides further local proof that will help increase the 7 pack rankings.

While these simple changes may seem small, if they can boost your business listings to the first position from the second or third, the difference in traffic can greatly enhance your bottom line. When you take the extra steps to optimize your website along with your business listings, you will put yourself in a position to grab  the lion share of the pie.

At Front Page VIP we pride ourselves on not leaving any stones unturned. We will utilize all the factors that the search engines are looking for to ensure that your website receives the best chance of grabbing the top position. Therefore there will be absolutely no shortcuts when it comes to ranking your business.


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