Importance Of Google Keyword Matching Options

By Marc Marseille | PPC Marketing

Nov 22
adword keyword matching options

Setting up your Google ads campaigns for optimal ROI is a goal for all advertisers. In previous post we discussed the importance of ad groups, landing pages and choosing the right keywords. Selecting the right keyword matching phrase also plays a major role.

Keyword matching has everything to do with what your objective is for your campaign. It depends on whether you are trying to increase traffic, increase conversions or just advertising for branding purposes. Each keyword match options has its advantages. Choosing the right option that is best for what you are trying to achieve is imperative to getting your desired results.

So let’s talk about the three keyword options and their differences…

Broad Match Keywords

Broad match is the most populare option for matching your keywords. This option does not require you to do anything additional because it is the default option in Adwords. Basically your ad will be triggered whenever someone uses any search term that includes your keyword in any order. It may also show your ads for variations of your keywords as well as synonyms and other closely related terms.

You can leave the default setting for the broad match in your adwords campaign if your intention is to generate the most traffic. Since this option will generate a ton of traffic, it is wise to tailor your ads to avoid window shoppers and free seekers if you are not offering free trials. You can easily do this by adding negative keywords and stating prices in your ad.

Phrase Match Keywords

Phrase match is a for more targeted ads. This option put your keyword in quotations. What this does is limit the showing of your ad for people searching for your keyword in the exact terms. It can also trigger your ad if someone uses a long tail keyword with your exact keyword term in the content. Close variation can also show your ad if it is closely similar to your main term.

Phrase match works better for businesses that have a product or service and do not want to spend ad spend on non related searches. A good example of phrase match is keyword term showing up for variations areĀ  “blue bicycles” triggering a search for the term “light blue bikes”.

Exact Match Keywords

Exact match is probably the safest route take in order to ensure complete accuracy of your sites visitors. Unfortunately, you can also miss out on the targeted traffic if this option is not used correctly. With exact match your keyword will only show up when some searches for the exact keyword. This means that your keyword “blue bicycles” will trigger showing of you ad for “light blue bicycles”.

Unlike quotations in the phrase match, the exact match keyword needs to be surrounded by brackets[keyword]. When starting a new campaign we recommend you test your keywords in both phrase match and exact match options. This will help you see whether or not you are losing valuable income from exact match.

Once again, constant split testing and tweaking your ad, landing pages, and keyword will yield the best results. The good news is that taking the time or hiring someone to manage your Adwords Advertising will put your way ahead of the competition while avoiding bleeding your budget. This all translates to more money in your pocket.

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