How To Market Your Business Reputation Online

By Marc Marseille | Reputation Marketing

Jan 06
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Marketing your reputation online is very different than reputation management. When managing your business reputation, the objective is to be able to react to unsatisfied customers when it comes to your attention. The social viral ability of the internet has now made this concept obsolete.

Marketing Business Reputation

Building a reputation for your business has to start from within. Furthermore it has to be an aggressive approach. You cannot wait for your unsatisfied customers to vent their frustration online to learn what is going on within your business.

The truth is once your customers leave a bad review online, you can expect it to affect your bottom line immediately. In case you did not know, the first thing someone searching your business online will likely see is your negative reviews.  With this kind of instant exposure to the masses, reputation marketing has to begin with proven step by step action plan that is initiated within your business.

Five Steps To Building A Five Star Reputation Online:

1.) Educate Your Employees

Employees need to be educated on the power or the internet. They need to realize that having a bad day can cost them their job. Basically when someone vents online, they will often mention the name of the employee that caused them to have a bad experience. This information will be online for everyone to see, including you the business owner. When you bring this to fact to your employees, they will be more likely to consider their actions closely.

2.) Train Your Employees On Reputation Marketing

The responsibility of a positive business environment ultimately starts with the business owner. it does not make any sense to expect a certain of type of behavior if you are not willing to provide direction. Each employee should go through a training process that encourages them to make sure the customer is satisfied. Furthermore, they need to be able to get satisfied customers involved in leaving positive reviews.

3.) Be The First To Know Of Negative Reviews

You should never be the last person to know about a negative review online. Most reviews allow the owner the ability to explain the reason for the bad review. Let’s face it, you are not going to be able to satisfy everybody. Responding to a review right away will show your potential clients that you care about your business reputation. The bottom line is you need an alert system that alarms you in real time when you receive a bad review online. Better yet, you need a system that receives the review at real time!

4.) Offer Multiple Ways For Customers  To Review Your Business

Customers that have a bad experience are more likely to go online to review your business; Happy customers are not. The solution is to simply set up a system that engages your happy customers in the process. This can done by providing creative ways  to ask happy customers to review your business online. There are several ways to engage your customers without being overly aggressive.

5.) Get Involved Socially

Social Networks and review sites are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the most visited site on the internet is Facebook. As a business owner, you have to make sure your business is being represented on all relevant social networks and review sites. Creating visibility online will not only create a network for your customers to leave reviews; It will also increase your social presence making it easier for new customers to find you.

If you are in need of a step by step plan to establishing a five star reputation online, Front Page VIP would love the opportunity to introduce you to our proven system. The first steps however is knowing what your current reputation is online. Remember, a five star reputation will bring your pre-qualified prospects ready to do business with you based on your reputation.





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