Using Negative Keywords To Lower Ad Cost

By Marc Marseille | PPC Marketing

Nov 29

negative keywords

When tweaking your advertising campaign for the best results, it is important to omit any factors that will trigger your ad without giving you the opportunity of making a sale. One of these factors are negative keywords. These words are terms that trigger your ad but are not relevant to what you are selling or does not support your offer.

Adding these keywords to your campaign will help reach your targeted customer, spend less money and increase your return on investment period. Placing negative keywords will remove you ad for searches when people use that particular keyword in any keyword match option. A perfect is example is blocking someone searching for using the keyword “black baseball caps” when you are selling “black gas caps’.

How Negative Keywords Can Decrease Ad Costs

A major factor in ad cost has to do with how well the ad performs. When you omit negative keywords it can increase your CTR rate which will decrease your costs.  You CTR will decrease because when someone sees your non relevant ad they are less likely to click on it. Since CTR is calculated by the number of impressions divided by the click, this is huge.

Negative keywords can increase overall revenue by allowing your ad to show up more often for better performing search terms. The additional impressions creates more opportunity for your business to makes sales thus increasing your returns.

Finding the best negative keyword to add to your campaign starts by knowing your product. Certain keywords such as discount, free, DIY or compare are common negative keywords if you are not offering free trials. These keywords are can also bypass window shoppers and freebie seekers.

Another way to locate keyword that are hurting your ad performance comes when you have been running your ads for a while. You can visit the archives of search terms that trigger your ad to find terms that are totally non related. It recommended that this option is utilized at least once a month. Constant management of your ad is imperative to avoid paying for terms that increase your ad spend.

With that being said, you should select the search terms you want to avoid carefully. Choosing too many of these terms will limit the amount of searches your ad receives. It can also omit variations of the negative keywords that may relevant to your campaign.




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