Youtube Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

By Marc Marseille | Search Engine Optimization

Nov 15
youtube small business marketing

Youtube is a giant that any business owner that is looking to build their brand cannot ignore. Youtube has become the second largest search engine behind Google. The fact that they are owned by Google provides an additional reason for building a channel. Also viideos are also much easier to rank for long tail keywords than websites.

The first Youtube tip for all business owners is  to just get started. Opening a business channel with the video giant is mandatory if you want to increase a business search engine presence. Besides being an additional source of traffic, a link from Youtube can assist in increasing website rankings. The authority is absolutely massive.

Therefore it is important to take the time to build an authority channel that is well customized.  Customize the channel with your logo and banner. Upload relevant videos that showcases your product, services and special offers. This will increase brand awareness for your business. This is also a great avenue for highlighting customer video testimonials. These testimonials can eventually get ranked in Google giving you a high traffic free advertisement of your business.

You should not stop at just creating the channel however. Youtube is more than just a video sharing site, it is a social network as well. Communication with your channel visitors and subscribers will further solidify your relationship with the community. You should make a habit of responding to all comments.

Constant engagement with your channel is great for increase rankings. Engaged channels have a better chance of moving up in the front page the search engines. Staying engaged will also keep your channel from losing valuable social signals which has become a major ranking factor for the search engines.

Additionally, promoting your Youtube videos off site will yield more views to your channel. You can embed your videos on your website, bookmarking sites and other social media sites like Facebook. All these engagements are valuable links for building your business. Youtube offers a feature that can automatically posts to your Facebook, Twitter and Google Business page, so there are no excuses.

Furthermore, Youtube has a built in analytics that has some very valuable statistics. Taking the time to analyze these stats can give you a great insight into where your traffic is coming from and who is engaging with your videos. You can then utilize this info to better market your business for increasing your revenue.

Regardless of what your thoughts are about the second largest search engine online, you cannot ignore the major source of traffic that you can generate using it. While the video site has been highly recognized for creating big stars like Justin Bieber, it can equally help develop a local business. The key is to get involved and create great content. It does not matter whether it is generated in house or outsourced to a digital media marketing company; It’s just needs to be done!

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